Another great question in a recent Humpday Hangout

Q:  “Hey, Semantic Mastery team. Thanks for everything you guys do for the SEO community. I need some guidance with RYS stacks if I already have a RYS stack, but I would like to power up a main city that I found a greater opportunity in. What should I order?” Marco.

A: Marco: This is actually pretty simple. They would just order another RYS stack, but you wouldn't do the G site. This RYS stack would be a page inside the main RYS stack that you have. You just build up the city. That Drive stack would have everything that's relevant to that new city where you found that greater opportunity. All you have to do is contact us, contact the people at SerpSpace. Order the stack. Write a simple stack. Let them know what it is you need. I will get it with Jason so that he knows exactly what needs to be done. It's really that simple. It'll get done. We'll give you the instructions on how you need to make Jason manager of the Drive stack for the build. It's really that simple.

Bradley: Awesome. Thank you. Greg's up. What's up, Greg? He says, “Happy holidays. It's been a wild ride again this year being part of group. Thanks for all you guys do to enriching our lives with knowledge and providing us with the opportunity to become real businessmen in the digital marketing arena. Cheers.” Thank you, Greg. We certainly like having you around in our various groups and engaging with people. We appreciate you as well. Thank you, Greg.

Adam: Definitely. Thank you, Greg. I appreciate it.