Here is something I'm sure many of you have been wondering

Q: All right, we're almost out of time. Fortunately we got through almost all of the questions. Harold asks, “Hey guys, what's up? Quick question, should I get an RYS stack, a syndication network or both?” 

A: Well, my go-to answer is going to be both. Of course, Harold. No, I mean that for real. I always start with syndication networks is always standard operating procedure but as soon as that gets built, I order the RYS drive stack as well, but it is really standard operating procedure, so I would say yes to both. Any comments, guys?

Marco: No, absolutely. Set up your syndication network, prime it just like we teach in the syndication academy. Once that's done, get the RYS stack going and link to everything in T1. I mean it's really that simple, and you can power everything up through link building through your drive stack, which will protect your T1, and your money site.